The Aerospace & Defense industry has been ahead of the curve in terms of the adoption of digital technologies. It has already leveraged technologies such as big data, mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT), to propel itself forward by increasing maintenance efficiencies and reducing aircraft downtime.

Global product development:

With global engineering, the industry has been able to harness the need for global integration in design and engineering so as to compress the product life cycle. This new global growth model has presented itself in the form of emerging economies, which in addition to being supply and service bases, are strong growth markets for civilian and defense aircraft procurement hubs. New manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing are triggering the redesign of parts resulting in weight savings and cost effectiveness. OEMs are facing challenges in delivering programs within their budget due to constantly increasing spend on product development and manufacturing. The value engineering and value analysis technique is playing a critical role in the aircraft development life cycle to reduce overall product costs.Read more